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March15th 2014

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Gold Fox, USA
Replacement Parts

NEW Colors for HB

Brand new sytles and colors avaiable for the hatchback bankers. Click here

New Models - Have several additional add-ons and new features Click here

All parts - for Gold Fox Trommel can be ordered directly through us online or by phone. Click here

Gold Fox USA is your number one stop for Gold Trommels.

Our Trommels are built from the ground up with features like the folding 78" x 9" sluice box , electric 12 volt chain drive on the barrel (battery not included).


This unit uses" Gold Hog" matting in the sluice boxes (AWESOME STUFF) ,Scrubber mat , UR mat ,razor mat, clean out is quick.


This portable Trommel works well in the field. Grab your Gold Fox and head to the streams. Don’t waste your time with a Gold Pan or other slow methods. Get up to speed with this AMAZING GOLD FOX.  This portable unit has 20 inch wheels for getting down in the stream bed or going over rough stuff, one person can handle and set this machine up in minutes . It will process 4-6 yards of dirt in day and give lots of cons, water requirements, for this machine you can either use electric 1/3 hp sump pump 2500 gph or a 1.5 gas pump. We do sell all of the replacement parts as well as pumps and battery that are not included with your Gold Fox. Check our product pages for more details.

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Gold Fox Model 1

COMPLETE GOLD FOX 2695.00 US ON SALE TODAY $1895 +SHIPPING.      Why buy now? Get a GOLD FOX  today while supplies last and get GOLD. STATE MY OFFER  


Lil Monster

JUST RELEASED NEW 5 inch Trommel - Click here

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